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GPS Mapping Technologies - DeLorme
Oil & Gas Pipeline Management
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Earthmate PN-60 w/XMap GIS Enterprise & USA Topographic Data
   What's New
  • » Embedded document support
  • » Shapefile import support for XMap Professional
  • » Polygon Edge Matching Tool
  • » GPX file support – Save GPS log files to SD card
  • » ArcSDE 9.3 Support for large GIS database
  • » Extension for ESRI Software

XMap Forms
  • » GPS field data collection Forms for XMap & the PN-Series GPS
  • » Synchronize field data collected with XMap DB – Supports PN-Series GPS
  • » Match your business work flow – Works with existing forms
Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, accurate maps and imagery, GPS field data collection, and navigation tools are critical for an efficient field-force workflow supporting pipeline placement, field asset management, and regulatory compliance. XMap GIS Software provides your GIS field technicians with access to critical asset information visualized against a background of DeLorme topographic map data and aerial imagery. Optimize field agent decision-making through advanced yet affordable GIS data visualization and GPS navigation tools. XMap Forms (sold separately) enables field data collection that conforms to company work-flow rules.
XMap for Oil & Gas
  • DeLorme's XMap GIS Enterprise software is helping more and more energy exploration and pipeline companies optimize their mobile field-force work flows. Sharing critical GIS data with field technicians drives asset data integrity and enhances field-force productivity
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, accurate maps and imagery, GPS data collection, and navigation tools have become critical for an efficient field-force workflow supporting Oil & Gas exploration, gathering, transmission and distribution processes
  • XMap is the easy-to-use data visualization tool providing field technicians and GIS managers with comprehensive, shared views of critical corporate infrastructure information including facility, centerline, in-line inspection and survey data

Use XMap to:
  • » GPS Navigate to critical field assets on street data and back road and trail data
  • » Analyze target terrain to determine and display potential environmental impacts
  • » Set-up XMap pipeline stationing/referencing systems for direct navigation and easy GIS locating
  • » Create compelling map presentations that display infrastructure, surrounding areas, including HCA's
  • » Enable accurate field data collection using XMap Forms (sold separately)
  • » Embed company documents within XMap GIS to support field data collection
Share Critical Information throughout Your Organization
Share critical map views with field technicians. Export GIS map views, aerial imagery, or geo-registered scanned images to the Earthmate GPS PN-Series devices handheld receiver. Improve decision-making and empower field technicians by providing access to critical data.
Pn-60 GPS
  • View critical infrastructure data against aerial or satellite imagery. Conduct side-by-side analysis of before and after maps. Build environmental compliance visualizations
  • Import and geo-reference scanned images and blueprints - Transfer the resulting raster map layer to the Earthmate GPS PN-Series devices
  • Apply consistent map-datas across the organization
  • Efficiently direct your field technicians to the job site using GPS navigation. Get outside-the-vehicle navigation using the Earthmate GPS PN-Series devices
  • Automate data synchronization for field data collection processes, including query views, redlining, and data check-out/in. Develop work flows that maintain data integrity across your mobile field force
  • Full GIS support. Supports ESRI® .shp, Google KML export, MapInfo .mif, .tab, and AutoCAD .dxf, .dwg files. ArcSDE® support included with XMap GIS Enterprise
XMap Workflow Automation
Easy-to-use Application Programming Interface (API) lets developers access mapping functions to automate data updates, improve efficiency, or share map views between field associates.
  • Automate map searches, route generation, map rendering, or batch data exports
  • Automate links to 3rd-party applications
  • Search for, locate and update asset status with new pipeline stationing feature
Access Low-Cost Aerial Imagery
View readily-available imagery in MrSID or GeoTIFF format - Export image files to the Earthmate GPS PN-Series devices.
  • Access your existing corporate imagery sets or access low-cost libraries on the Internet
  • Layer various year vintages for change comparison or map data accuracy improvements
  • Optimize XMap performance and imagery management by converting your corporate imagery data to XMap format (service quotes available upon request)
  • Import and geo-reference scanned images and plans - Transfer the resulting raster map layer to the Earthmate GPS PN-Series devices
Damage Prevention
Apply GIS and GPS technologies to mitigate the risk of accidents through HCA management and Dig Safe technologies.
  • Manage maintenance, one-call, ROW, and integrity inspections with map plotting, object searching and GPS routing functions
  • Post maintenance, inspection and one-call locations as GIS layers
  • Attach one-call forms and pictures to critical map locations
Information Technology Administration
All XMap software titles support Microsoft Vista and advanced installation protocols. DeLorme technical support representatives are prepared to help your IT people get your XMap configured.
  • XMap installation support is available to help navigate today's OS, permissions, and database protocols
  • XMap software, installation, training and support will make your budget submittal a winner
  • XMap training services can be provided on-site or online