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GPS Mapping Technologies - DeLorme
Enterprise Solutions
inReach Advantages for Enterprise Applications
"As firefighters in the wild land fire community we are always looking for way to do our jobs better and more safely. While the inReach device has its own parameters for use, it provides us with the ability to communicate in virtually any situation with 100% satellite coverage for any location. As a part of our communication arsenal of technologies, inReach has become a critical asset for BLM Colorado and increases our personnel's chances of staying out of harm?s way. If/when the emergency happens, I feel confident that we have the latest technology at our disposal."
Unaweep Wildland Fire Module
Upper Colorado River Fire Management Unit in Grand Junction, CO
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Why select the inReach Satellite Communicator?
With DeLorme's powerful professional inReach device, full-featured back office, and flexible airtime plans, our sales and service experts build tailored solutions to meet all of our clients' two-way satellite communications and remote field worker monitoring needs.
  • Expand on consumer functionality offering global two-way messaging, delivery confirmation and remote tracking
  • Create customized systems that employees will value and rely on in locations beyond the reach of cellular signals
  • Choose advanced features like one-minute tracking and integrated group messaging
  • Optimize the value of your airtime plan with use-based pricing as compared to consumer message-based plans
  • Increase your command center capabilities with team tracking, check-in
Let DeLorme experts guide you through the process of creating your own powerful global communications and tracking system. Select the device features that will best meet your team's needs and choose the enterprise airtime plan that will optimize your investment. DeLorme experts will set up everything to prepare for your team's inReach use.
Available Features
DeLorme continues to expand the functionality of the inReach two-way satellite communicator in response to opportunities in a wide variety of professional markets. The following list describes benefits of available features.
Device Features
  • Under 10 minute tracking
    Using up to a one-minute tracking interval allows command to see real-time tracking and send Locate and Check-in requests to field workers and get fast responses
  • Resting interval override
    Overriding the consumer 4 hour resting interval when stationary allows command to see field worker locations with up to date details even when workers are stationary
  • Enterprise Plans - Choose from six different levels
    Flexible enterprise airtime plans offer pricing based on how much data is transmitted compared to consumer message-based billing
Back Office & Web Portal
  • Bulk provision - inReach Web Pro - Many devices with single bill
    Allowing DeLorme experts to provision all devices in one account allows command to see all workers on a single map and get a single monthly bill
  • inReach Web Pro - Portal based Team Tracking
    inReach Web delivers an internet based command center easily accessible by authorized personal anywhere in the world
  • inReach Portal Connect - 3rd party Web Portal
    Redirecting inReach messages to a 3rd party Web Portal brings field data into existing command systems for integrated solutions
  • XMap - Desktop Common Operating Picture
    DeLorme's XMap Team Tracking displays all users in a powerful desktop mapping app with messaging and tracking tools
  • XMap Alerts - No Motion, No Communication, GeoFencing
    Desktop tracking options automatically notify command of field worker activities